Sap Partial Delivery Agreement

SAP Partial Delivery Agreement: A Comprehensive Guide

The SAP Partial Delivery Agreement is a feature that enables companies to split their product deliveries into multiple shipments. It helps in the efficient management of the supply chain, as well as boosts customer satisfaction by offering more flexibility and customization in terms of delivery schedules. In this article, we will take a closer look at SAP Partial Delivery Agreement, its benefits, and how it can be implemented.

What is SAP Partial Delivery Agreement?

SAP Partial Delivery Agreement is a process that enables the creation of multiple deliveries that are associated with a single sales order. It facilitates the delivery of goods in parts, rather than delivering the entire order at once. This feature is beneficial in situations where customers require partial shipments, or when the delivery of the entire order is delayed.

By using the SAP Partial Delivery Agreement, businesses can track the delivery date of each shipment and notify their customers of the expected delivery dates. This helps in maintaining customer satisfaction and building a good reputation for the company.

Benefits of SAP Partial Delivery Agreement

1. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Customers appreciate the flexibility that comes with partial delivery. It allows them to receive their products in parts and avoid delays in the delivery of the entire order.

2. Efficient Stock Management: By using SAP Partial Delivery Agreement, companies can track their stock levels and ensure that they have enough products to fulfill the order. This allows them to manage their inventory more efficiently and avoid overstocking.

3. Increased Revenue: Partial delivery can lead to increased revenue, as customers are more likely to make repeat purchases if they are satisfied with the delivery schedule. Furthermore, it can also attract new customers who prefer the option of partial delivery.

How to Implement SAP Partial Delivery Agreement?

The implementation of SAP Partial Delivery Agreement requires a step-by-step process. You can follow these basic steps to start using partial delivery:

1. Create a sales order in SAP.

2. Assign the order to a delivery group.

3. Create a delivery split profile that will determine the number of partial deliveries and the delivery dates.

4. Assign the delivery split profile to the delivery group.

5. Create a schedule line category that allows partial delivery.

6. Assign the schedule line category to the sales order.

7. Create a delivery for each partial shipment.

8. Assign the delivery to the delivery group.

9. Generate the shipping documents and deliver the products.


The SAP Partial Delivery Agreement is an excellent feature that enables companies to deliver their products in parts. It offers flexibility to customers and helps in managing the supply chain more efficiently. By implementing this feature, companies can improve customer satisfaction, manage their inventory better, and increase revenue. Follow the basic steps mentioned above to get started with SAP Partial Delivery Agreement.